Sea Foam Pearl Bracelet {Aqua Reef}

Sea Foam Pearl Bracelet {Aqua Reef}

These one-of-a-kind bracelets can be worn everyday with jeans and a T-shirt for a casual-chic look, as a wedding accessory for you or your bridesmaids, or even as an anklet to wear on your summer vacation. The inspiration for these versatile bracelets comes from the white sea foam of crashing waves on the beach. To imitate the appearance of these tiny bubbles, pearl coated glass beads in varying sizes are placed along a delicate chain of cotton embroidery floss. These bubbles transition right into the clasp, which works by simply taking the loop and threading it over the last three beads on the end. This makes for a functional yet seamless appearance throughout the bracelet. 


6 inches or 15.24 centimeters

6.5 inches or 16.21 centimeters

7 inches or 17.78 centimeters

7.5 inches or 19.05 centimeters

8 inches or 20.32 centimeters

8.5 inches or 21.59 centimeters

9 inches or 22.86 centimeters

9.5 inches or 24.13 centimeters

10 inches or 25.4 centimeters

10.5 inches or 26.67 centimeters

11 inches or 27.94 centimeters

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